School After Summer Vacation

Hey Everyone! Another school year is right around the corner.

Where did you spend your summer vacation?

There is no vacation that never ends, the children go back to school, the teachers returned to teach at the school, parents are busy to prepare everything necessary for back to school too, search for new books, new stationery, new backpacks, lunchbox, everyone is busy.

Basically for certain things everyone is the same whether they are children or adults, let say about working time, just before the weekend most adults have waited impatiently for the coming weekend and will feel lazy to go back to work on Monday. Similarly, children will wait for the weekend and feel lazy if they must go back to school and always felt very short vacation. It is very humane.

For some parents towards the new school year and children will go back to school will become a problem and an obstacle which must be overcome very soon and all that’s for sure there is a way out. It is very common if the child will feel lazy to go back to school because nearly all children experience such a thing. They feel the boredom of the days they faced for years with the same activity and always met with the same people, very boring.

But the go back to school cases, not all the same. Every child may have different problems with different levels. There are problems that occur in themselves and there is also a problem that occurs because other people or their friends. If it happens to themselves the possibility of the child have low self-esteem problems, fear of something, feel ashamed, embarrassed and many other things associated with self-distrust.

But if the problem occurs because of someone else, it must be asked of the child in detail and to look for the cause because if you do not know the cause, the child could bring the problem into adulthood and if that happens will cause very bad effects for his future. And by the time they will go back to school is a very stressful time and if the tension continues will lead to poor health both physically and mentally.


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